Advenor creates compact, durable, top-quality fitness and exercise equipment that helps you win at the game of performance. Fitness is a life adventure. We give you the tools you need along the way to succeed. We want you to feel great, look great, and live life to the fullest.




Who we are

Advenor equips you with everything you need to help you get & stay fit right in the comfort of your own home. We develop top of the line products and make them accessible to everyday people.

We know how crucial it is to stay healthy—no matter what the circumstances. We build equipment that fits easily where you need it most. We build it compact AND durable AND packed with features. No compromises.   

We are committed to our customers. We are here to answer all your questions quickly so we can get you back to your workout plan. When you succeed, we succeed. 




What We Believe



 We believe challenge is just opportunity in disguise.



We believe in being frictionless—eliminating anything in the way of our goals.



We believe in enjoying every moment of the journey and the best time to start is always right now.